5 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent to Set Up the Ideal Policy

Are you in the market for home insurance? There likely are some things you want to ask a professional agent like the ones at ACU Insurance Services, serving the greater League City, TX region. Here are five critical questions to bring to your agent before you set up your policy.

How much will the homeowner’s policy cover if my house is destroyed?

In the event your house is destroyed, your policy will not replace your home entirely. However, it will go a long way towards making necessary repairs or rebuilding.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover personal belongings?

The short answer is yes, your policy provides coverage for possessions. There will be a total coverage limit, as well as individual limits for items that are more valuable, like jewelry and antiques. The amount you get towards replacing or repairing them falls under the replacement cost vs. actual cash value rule. You will have to get an insurance rider as an add-on if you want coverage beyond the standard limits.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover anything else?

Yes, such a policy would cover liability issues. This is beneficial in the instance someone becomes injured in your house or around your property. It also will cover loss of use, which includes payment for temporary housing when you have your home repaired. There are separate limits for each category.

What amount of homeowner’s insurance do I need?

It’s ideal to base your limits on the cost of rebuilding your home. This can be the current market price for your house, but you might consider setting it up at a higher amount in case the market price rises. It’s an especially good idea if the home is older, if construction costs are high in the area, or if you own other structures that are on the property (such as a parking garage).

Is it possible for me to save money on my insurance?

You definitely can save on home owner’s insurance costs. A straightforward way to do so is to bundle your insurance with something like auto insurance. Also, you can see if you qualify for any discounts.

Feel free to reach out with your questions through the online form or by email at any time, or give ACU Insurance Services a call during business hours. We love to help homeowners, especially those who are new to owning a home in the greater League City, TX area.

How to keep your home safe from flash floods

Texans know all too well the threat of hurricanes, but at any time, a flash flood can cause extensive damage to homes and businesses. Let ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX walk you through the process and answer your questions.

What is a Flash Flood?

A flash flood is a rapid, heavy rainfall that comes on suddenly in a short amount of time. A flash flood can dump several inches of rain very quickly, causing low-lying areas to flood. If you live near a lake, river, or basin, your home may be in more danger of flooding than those on higher ground, away from bodies of water.

A devastating natural disaster, flash floods can completely flood your home and land, causing costly damage. There is not much of a warning before a flash flood occurs, so flash flood preparation ahead of time is imperative to protect your home, yourself, and your loved ones.

Before a Flash Flood

Preparation ahead of time is critical in protecting your home. Some things you can do is to create a floodplain around your home to keep water at bay and place your furnace, water heater, and other electrical appliances, and breaker box on cement blocks or wooden planks to keep them off the floor in case your basement floods.

You should periodically check your sewer and basement drains to keep them free of debris that may cause them to overflow during a downpour. You can use beams or floodwalls to prevent water from coming into your home during a flash flood, as well.

While it is happening

There are a few things you should do during a flash flood to stay safe, along with your family.

Follow local weather reports so that you can get your family to higher ground if a flash flood is on its way. Take important items and documents with you when you leave, if you have time to retrieve them.

Contact Your Agent

If you and your home have fallen victim to a flash flood, you know the importance of having insurance that will cover the damages. The staff at ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX are always here to assist you with all of your flood insurance needs.

How Do I Windproof My Home?

Houston and League City, TX are no stranger to seriously damaging winds. Just about every year, agencies like ACU Insurance Services are called upon to help file claims for damaged shingles and broken windows caused by devastating blasts of air. But here’s some good news: There are ways you can windproof your home to limit or even prevent storm damage all year long.

Reinforce Your Doors And Windows

These can be the most vulnerable parts of your exterior. Glass-panel doors are particularly prone to breakage, especially from flying debris. One of the best ways to protect doors and windows from outside hazards is using aluminum or steel shutters. They close swiftly and some can even be remotely controlled.

Inspect Your Shingles

Regular windy conditions can damage shingles. Over time this leaves your home exposed to water damage from rain, heat, and cold. Without regular inspection and maintenance, this can lead to costly repairs later on. Shingles should overlap with a waterproof layering between and be secured with at least six staples or nails. For proper installation, it’s recommended to seek a roofing specialist.

Anchor or Remove Projectiles

Even large outbuildings can become a hazard during strong winds. Make sure sheds are secured with a strong foundation, ground anchors, or element-proof straps. Bolting can secure objects like outdoor furniture or grills or chaining them down to patios or decks. Also, keep trees trimmed and inspected for dried, cracking branches. Consider moving trees that are growing too close to reduce the chance of them collapsing onto your home during a storm.

Consider Windstorm Insurance

Windstorms in Houston and League City, TX are always unpredictable. Even the best windproofing measures may not be enough. Having a windstorm insurance policy from ACU Insurance Services could help cover the damages you are unprepared for. 

Do You Know How to Make a Home Insurance Claim?

If your home is burglarized or damaged by a storm or fire, your homeowner’s insurance will help pay for damages. To recuperate your losses, you will have to file a home insurance claim. The following tips from ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX can help facilitate your claims process.

Review Your Policy

Before calling your agent, review your insurance policy to refresh your memory about your coverage. Be mindful of time limits to make your claim, so you don’t miss out on recuperating from your losses. 

Get a Police Report

Report break-ins, burglaries, or vandalism to the police, so they can file a police report. Your insurer will require a police report to support these types of claims.

Call Your Insurer

Report all incidents of theft, vandalism, storm, or fire damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. You will receive a claims number and be assigned an adjuster for your case. Your adjuster will visit your home, assess your loss or damages, and make an estimate of the repair or replacement of stolen goods and the costs.

Document Your Loss/Damages

In the event of theft, make a list of stolen goods with descriptions of these items and receipts to verify their value. For storm, vandalism, or fire damage, take photos or a video of the damages as proof of your loss so that you can get adequate compensation for damages.

Make Temporary Repairs

If you have to make temporary repairs to avoid further damage to your property, save all receipts and invoices to get reimbursed by your insurance company. Your insurer will reimburse you for food and lodging expenses, as well, if you have to live elsewhere while repairs are made.

For help in making a home insurance claim, contact your ACU Insurance Services agent in League City, TX

Deciding If You Need Flood Insurance

The potential of a flooding disaster concerns most homeowners.   Every year, photos of homes submerged in flood waters are shown on news.  The concern for flooding is real but not every home is at equal risk.  Luckily, assessing your home’s risk level is easy to determine.  In the League City area, the agents at ACU Insurance Services are ready to help you make decisions about whether you need flood insurance or not.

In the US, the greatest natural disaster threat is flooding.  Also, home insurance policies do not cover flood damage.  In 1968, Congress recognized the burden these natural disasters placed on citizens and enacted the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  This helps those impacted to recover more quickly.  Determining your home’s level of flood risk is quite easy.  At FEMA, enter your address and you will find information about the level of risk for your home.  Homes in high risk areas naturally want the additional coverage of flood insurance.  For those in low or moderate risk areas, you will need to make some decisions.  Your agent will be able to help.  Nationally, it is estimated that one foot of water in a 1,000 sq. ft. home causes on average $27,150 damage.  For most, a flood event would be financially devasting.  To protect personal possessions and furniture, renters can also get flood insurance protection.  Whether you decide to get flood insurance or not, make sure that you understand your home’s risk level.

In the League City, TX area, the agents at ACU Insurance Services are ready to help you decide whether you need the additional protection that flood insurance provides.  Visit their website for information to get started then come into the offices to talk with an agent.  The time to protect the investment in your home is before anything happens.  Call or come by today!

3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Windstorms can wreak havoc on your home. The stronger the winds, the more likely your home will experience some type of damage. At ACU Insurance Services, the agents are always looking for new ways to help their clients who live in the League City, TX area keep their homes secure during windstorms. It may be easy to take precautions when you know a storm is coming, but windstorms can appear without warning leaving you to pick up the pieces after it’s over.

Maintain Your Roof

Maintain your roof by removing bits of debris, twigs, and sticks. It’s also important to keep your gutters clean and make sure all of the shingles and trim are firmly secured. Make necessary repairs as soon as possible so a loose shingle won’t cause major water damage.

Bring Your Lawn Furniture Inside

Strong winds can topple over even the heaviest pieces of lawn furniture. To prevent them from landing against the side of your house, tie them down or better yet, move them inside your garage or a shed. This way they won’t get knocked around. 

Keep Trees and Shrubs Pruned

Keep trees and shrubs pruned to eliminate any dead or dying branches. This will keep them from breaking off during a windstorm and breaking a window or piercing your roof. 

In League City, TX, windstorms occur with some regularity. The agents of ACU Insurance Services can provide you with several tips and tricks to prevent your home from being damaged by high winds and other types of storm activity. Call and schedule an appointment today so you can get the answers you need. Take a few moments to learn what you can do!

How Do I Find Out if My Home or Business is in a Flood Plain?

There are several things to look into when buying a new home. One of the most important is finding out whether the home you like is located in or near a flood plain. Being in a flood plain dramatically increases your risk of flood damage if heavy rains hit your area. In League City, TX, the agents of ACU Insurance Services are available to help you figure out what type of flood risk you have in your current home or in one you are looking to purchase.

Is Your Home Close to Water?

The first clue to finding out if your home is in or near a flood plain is the location of the nearest body of water. Does your home sit on higher ground or slightly more elevated than nearby properties? If your home is positioned higher than the nearest water source, it’s unlikely that your home will flood. If your home sits in a flood plain, however, your chances increase dramatically.

Check the FEMA Map?

Another way to determine if your home or business sits within a flood plain is to look at a FEMA map. FEMA maps designate all of the different levels of flood plains and where their boundaries are.

At ACU Insurance Services, the agents serve residents of League City, TX and the surrounding communities. Each agent understands the importance of knowing where local flood plains are located and how heavy rains can cause costly damage to a home or business. If you have questions or concerns, call and speak to a licensed agent today. By reviewing your current policy, they can determine whether or not you have the coverage you need.

Home Insurance to Protect the Things You Love

You probably love yourself and your family. Most people do. But also, you most likely have a high degree of affection for your expensive gadgets, furniture and appliances. This emotion is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, you have worked hard to afford these things. So, do not make the mistake of failing to protect them.

Just as you understand the need for health and life insurance to protect the welfare of your family, you should seriously consider home insurance that includes coverage for the property within the dwelling. Failure to do so is a mistake most realize only after disaster strikes. Then, it is too late.

The best course of action is to speak with the staff of ACU Insurance Services, serving the League City, TX region. They can explain just how much home insurance coverage you need to enjoy peace of mind for your expensive property.

Electronic Gadgets and Devices

Home insurance can protect more than just the house itself. Your smartphones, home theater system and other expensive gadgets might need coverage, as well.

You never know when a thief will emerge. Likewise, a home accident may damage your gadgets and devices. Without coverage, you will be left to foot the entire bill for repair or replacement.


Homeowners love having nice furnishings that they can pass down to the children one day. However, bad things happen from time-to-time. If your furniture gets damaged or stolen, then you will suffer an emotional and financial loss. A home insurance policy that includes property coverage could protect you from this burden.


5G appliances are now on the market. Your refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances will be able to communicate with your mobile devices.

With this connectivity comes higher prices. So, if you have or plan to purchase 5G appliances to create a “smart home” environment, then insurance for these items is essential.

Get Professional Advice Today

Be sure to speak with the staff of ACU Insurance Services, serving League City, TX and beyond. They will know just how much home insurance you need to protect the property that you love. Ask for a free quote today.

Lessons Learned from the Midwest Floods

Our hearts go out to those suffering from the heavy flooding in the Midwest. All the good folks at the ACU Insurance Services serving League City, TX know about the potential of water damage from floods. League City is on the coast of Texas, just to the west of Trinity Bay and north of Galveston Bay, so we know quite a bit about flooding caused by storm surge. It only takes a few inches of water coming into a house to do major damage.

Flood Zones

Many mortgage lenders and government-backed mortgages require flood insurance before they will make a loan on a home that is located in a designated flood zone area. For those who have a loan from a lender that does not require flood insurance, and they do not get the insurance, they are risking losing everything if a serious flood happens. The chances of a serious flood happening in the next years are now higher for many areas. A flood can occur even in areas that have not seen one for over 100 years.

Outdated Flood Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is responsible for the publication of the flood maps in America. They identify high-risk areas for floods based on historical data. However, so many of these maps are out-of-date. FEMA has not updated them for decades.

Lessons Learned

The flooding in the Midwest taught us quite a bit about how outdated the flood maps are and how many more homes are at risk of damage by flooding. So many homes that were outside of the traditional flood zones were damaged by these recent floods. Some towns flooded that were many miles from the nearest river. In some places, the water even breached new levees that were built to the federal standards of five feet high, when the water level rose higher than that.


FEMA recommends that even if your home is not in a designated high-risk area for flooding, homeowners should now all consider getting flood insurance. Call 800-581-2428 to talk with your agent at ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX or use our online form to get a quote for flood insurance.

What type of damage does windstorm insurance cover?

Texas is a large state with strong windstorms. Residents who live in League City, TX need to know what types of insurance will cover the damages caused by various types of storms. The agents of ACU Insurance Services can answer that question and many more. There are several different types of storms that roll through the great state of Texas, and it’s up to you to be prepared for all of them. Windstorm insurance is available to protect homeowners from winds that exceed 35 miles per hour.

Types of Winds

Strong winds accompany many different types of storms aside from thunderstorms. Hurricanes and tornadoes are also able to produce sustained winds that can exceed 35 miles per hour. Gale-force winds can occur with many different weather-related events and may increase in severity whether rain and lightning are present or not. Most homeowners take ample precautions to protect their homes from weather-related wind damage, but in some cases, there is very little they can do.

Various Types of Damage

Wind damage can take many forms. It can peel the siding off of a home or rip shingles off of a roof. High winds can sometimes carry large limbs and other types of debris, damaging all types of property that end up in its path. While it’s essential to maintain your home, some damage can’t be prevented.

If you are interested in learning more about windstorm insurance and live in the League City, TX area, call the agents at ACU Insurance Services today. We will answer all of the questions you have and provide you with a policy that meets your needs and protects your property.