What type of damage does windstorm insurance cover?

Texas is a large state with strong windstorms. Residents who live in League City, TX need to know what types of insurance will cover the damages caused by various types of storms. The agents of ACU Insurance Services can answer that question and many more. There are several different types of storms that roll through the great state of Texas, and it’s up to you to be prepared for all of them. Windstorm insurance is available to protect homeowners from winds that exceed 35 miles per hour.

Types of Winds

Strong winds accompany many different types of storms aside from thunderstorms. Hurricanes and tornadoes are also able to produce sustained winds that can exceed 35 miles per hour. Gale-force winds can occur with many different weather-related events and may increase in severity whether rain and lightning are present or not. Most homeowners take ample precautions to protect their homes from weather-related wind damage, but in some cases, there is very little they can do.

Various Types of Damage

Wind damage can take many forms. It can peel the siding off of a home or rip shingles off of a roof. High winds can sometimes carry large limbs and other types of debris, damaging all types of property that end up in its path. While it’s essential to maintain your home, some damage can’t be prevented.

If you are interested in learning more about windstorm insurance and live in the League City, TX area, call the agents at ACU Insurance Services today. We will answer all of the questions you have and provide you with a policy that meets your needs and protects your property.