What is Protected with Homeowners’ Insurance Coverage?

A homeowners’ insurance policy provides families with peace of mind in the event of a fire or storm. Before purchasing a policy from ACU Insurance Services, it’s essential to understand precisely what types of damage homeowners insurance covers.  

The Types of Homeowners’ Coverage

Most homeowners’ insurance policies in League City, TX include the following six types of coverage.

Personal Property Coverage

This will pay personal items on your property if they are stolen, destroyed, or damaged. Those items can include furniture, electronics, or clothing.

Dwelling Coverage

This will pay if your home is destroyed or damaged by anything your policy covers. This does not include earthquakes or floods.

Coverage for Other Structures

This will pay for repairs to structures not attached to your house, such as a storage shed or detached garage.

Personal Liability

If a person is injured on your property, personal liability will pay for their medical bills, loss of wages, and other costs you could be legally responsible for. It could also pay for court costs if you endure a lawsuit due to the injury.

Medical Payments

This form of coverage will pay the medical expenses for someone who is injured on your property. It can also pay for injuries that occur while you are away from home, such as if your dog bites another person while you are taking them for a walk.

Loss of Use Coverage

This coverage will pay for your additional living expenses if you must relocate while your home is repaired after damage. These additional expenses can include rent, food, and other costs that you wouldn’t need to pay if you were still living in your home.

The agents at ACU Insurance Services have additional information on what a homeowners’ insurance policy covers in the state of Texas. Visit our office today to learn more.