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Texas umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Umbrella insurance policies may sometimes seem confusing. ACU Insurance Services offers Texas residents an umbrella insurance policy that will provide you coverage when other insurance policies such as auto, home, and motorcycle insurance meet their limits. For example, if you are found liable of causing property damage and bodily injury, these other insurance policies will only cover you to the limit of the liability in the coverage.

When your regular insurance policy reaches its liability limit, you will be held personally responsible for covering any overages. You might end up being liable for life-long care for the injured, in the event of a major accident or catastrophe. In fact, even a simple slip-and-fall accident can result in a head trauma, which will translate into thousands of dollars in medical costs.

Why you need umbrella insurance in Texas

While some insurance policies seem to have higher limits, those limits can be very low in a large lawsuit award case. You stand to lose a lot of money in cases where someone gets hurt while on your property. This is especially true if the lawsuit's judgment is in favor of the injured party.

In addition, if the victim suffered severe injuries such as brain injury and spinal damage, which will need ongoing care, your insurance coverage may not be sufficient. Meaning, if your coverage won't be enough to cover the millions of dollars, you will have to be liable for the money that the insurance company doesn't pay.

You will be compelled to sell your assets or use deductions from future earnings to cater for this liability. But, if you have an umbrella insurance policy in Texas, you can rest assured that the insurance company will protect you in most cases.

While there is no steadfast information about the right amount of additional coverage you need through umbrella insurance, it is crucial to have the correct information about the available umbrella insurance policies to get an accurate quote. If you are in Texas, contact us today to get more information about our umbrella insurance coverage options and to find out how you can get a quote. Our agents at ACU Insurance Services are ready to work with you to find a policy that fits your lifestyle.


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