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Texas Classic Car Insurance coverage

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Classic Car Insurance in Texas

Classic cars are unique automobiles. Instead of depreciating, they appreciate. Since they are not regular rides, they need special insurance. In the state of Texas, ACU Insurance Services has a long history of helping residents find a classic car policy that fits their needs. If you are looking for insurance coverage for your antique vehicle, get in touch with us.

Classic Car Eligibility

Not every car is considered classic. It must satisfy the following:

  • More than 25 years old with a unique historical interest
  • Used on a limited basis
  • Must be maintained appropriately, preserved, or restored to keep it in good condition
  • Stored in a secured garage

What ACU Insurance Services' Classic Car Insurance Covers


Classic cars need collision coverage even if they are rarely used. You never know when an accident might occur. If it does happen, classic car policy reimburses you the cost of damages.


Classic cars are assets. When stolen, collector car insurance reimburses you the full amount based on your policy limit.

Other Damages

Other risks like vandalism or fire may occur. Such perils are covered in your classic car policy.

ACU Insurance Services' Classic Car Insurance Features

Guaranteed Value

With our policy, there are no disputes when it comes to your vehicle's value. In case of a total loss, we pay the full insured amount. With our agreed value car insurance, out of pocket expenses are eliminated.

No Mileage Limits

We understand that classic car owners love freedom since the automobile is used only on special occasions like a hobby. Our policy has no fixed mileage restrictions.

Low premiums

Unlike ordinary cars, classic ones have more affordable premiums. They are not used daily like regular cars used for commuting frequently.

Policy Terms

In most cases, classic car coverage lasts for a year. Seasonal renewal common in standard cars is not required.

For more information on classic car insurance in Texas, get in touch with ACU Insurance Services. Our agents can help get you a quote and work with you to build a policy that fits your lifestyle.


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