Why You Should Purchase Flood Insurance When You Are Renting

If you are renting a home in League City, TX or surrounding areas, you should consider supplementing your renter insurance with a flood insurance policy. The benefits of a flood insurance policy supplementing with your renter insurance will provide you and your belongings solid coverage. Reasons below are why you should consider a flood insurance policy with ACU Insurance Services today.

Does my renter insurance cover floods?

The short answer to this question is that your renter insurance policy may cover your belongings in accidents and thefts, but flood damage is not one of those accidents. Flood damage is a disaster that is uncontrollable but is only included in its own policy. Unfortunately, many residents renting in flood zones do not have insurance, causing them to lose thousands in personal property during these disasters. Purchasing flood insurance allows you protection during these disasters and allows peace of mind knowing you are covered.

Does my landlord’s policy cover flood damage?

Although your landlord may have flood insurance on the property, it will only cover any structural damage and property damage caused by the flood. Anything that belongs to the landlord will be covered, but this is not the case for those renting and their families. As a renter, your personal belongings are not included in this policy, leaving you uninsured and forced to replace your personal property in such an event. Renters should have their own flood policy to prevent loss of all belongings.  

Get Your Policy Today

Although you do not own the home you are renting, you do own the possessions and property within. Although your renter insurance policy protects these belongings, flood damage is not covered. Protect your family and all of your property today with a flood insurance policy. ACU Insurance Services proudly serves the League City, TX area and has an agent ready to assist you today.