Does Flood Insurance Cover Mold in League City?

Mold is a silent force that can manage to spread in a home without detection. If you’re in Houston or League City, TX, and want to learn more about how you can protect your property from harmful water damage, ACU Insurance Services has a few facts that you should keep in mind before you decide which policies to get. 

The Nature of Flood Insurance 

Flood insurance is not required in your city, but many homeowners don’t want to take the chance. Although you are technically allowed to opt-out of this coverage, consider the fact that many flood claims are filed in neighborhoods that were in no way considered high-risk. Unfortunately, it only takes a little excess water to cause a lot of problems for property owners. 

Does It Cover Mold?

Flood insurance may cover mold, if the property owner can prove that the mold was a direct cause of a covered event, such as a thunderstorm. The problem is that mold can be difficult to prove, primarily if the mold has spread throughout the home. If you have flood insurance, the standard advice is to stay on top of your home inspections. The more you’re keeping an eye out for any potential signs, the faster you’ll catch it. If you can get to a small infestation immediately, it’s more likely that your insurance will cover it. 

If you have questions about how flood insurance can help you protect your home from mold in League City, TX, ACU Insurance Services is here to help. From home to flood to umbrella insurance, we can give you the suggestions you need to start making better decisions for your investments. Being aware of the options is the first step, so contact us today to learn more.