Is windstorm insurance mandatory in Texas?

Living a risk-free life is invaluable and precious in the state of Texas. Unlike other states with uniform laws and regulations, Texas favors a market-led insurance coverage system with varying degrees of regulations in some counties. Penalties do apply to home and business owners who fail to ensure appropriate certification before or during the construction or renovation of projects with a later attempt to sign up for windstorm insurance. As a concerned homeowner, you don’t want to forget such insurance liability in the nick of time. 

Residents are encouraged to take the coverage with carriers who hold an impressive track record, especially if they live in designated catastrophic zones. ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX is one such professional insurer. However, it is not a state requirement to sign up for the policy. But if you live in a high-risk county, your mortgage lender might request a purchase of the policy before any contractual undertaking.  

What does it cover?

Windstorm insurance covers any direct damage to your home, personal or business property caused by weather effects like hail and wind. If you don’t live in your home for a specific period before the damage, you might lose the coverage. This is usually known as additional living expense coverage. It is essential your house meets specific windstorm certification requirements when building, remodeling, adding-on, re-roofing, or repairing your structure to avoid rejection by insurers.

Before buying your home and entering into any contractual agreement, it is also imperative you check and inspect the property for a windstorm insurance certificate coverage with your insurer or real estate agent. Windstorm insurance in Texas is a sensible contemplation if you live in the coastal region. Though, in some locations, homeowner policies exclude covering storms, wind, hail and other hurricane-related perils. The 14 first-tier coastal counties designated as high wind catastrophe areas include Aransas, Brazoria, Calhoun, Cameron, Kenedy, Chambers, Kleberg, and Matagorda. Others are Refugio, San Patricio, Willacy, Nueces, Jefferson, and Harris, specifically east of Highway 146. 

Do you live in the greater Houston metropolitan area or in Galveston County and need to know house requirements for windstorm coverage? Contact ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX today for advice or additional information. Our agents will guide you on how to you navigate through the often stormy waters and respond to any of your queries for the appropriate Windstorm insurance.