Exploring The Benefits Of Windstorm Insurance

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Windstorm Insurance

The League City, TX area is known for its wild weather at times. If you have a property in the area, it’s important that you protect your investment. Consider the benefits of windstorm insurance. Windstorm insurance can help you protect your home.

The policy helps cover your home against the damage caused by strong winds, hail, and natural disasters such as hurricanes. The policy also covers any severe damage to your personal belongings. You can also amend your policy to cover other structures on your property such as garages and sheds in the event that they are damaged. Serious winds have the potential to damage windows and roofs while floating debris can cause additional damage.

Often times, windstorm also lead to an increase in rain, so make sure that you have coverage in the event that flooding damages your home. Also, be aware that severe windstorms may also cause damage to your vehicle. Inquire about protection in the event that a tree gets cracked and falls on your vehicle or breaks the windows.

Once the windstorm has ended and you are safe, take note of the damage that the windstorm caused. Take several pictures and videos of the damaged areas and objects. If necessary, have someone inspect your property to check for additional damage that you may have missed.

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Why should I get a windstorm insurance policy?

Owning a home in the League City, TX area can be a great option and long-term investment. While this can be a great place to own a home, the wild weather at times comes with additional risks. To ensure that your home is adequately covered by insurance, you should make sure you get the right coverage to protect your home appropriately. One form of insurance that you may need to get hear is windstorm insurance. There are several reasons that you should get a windstorm insurance policy. 

Provides Protection for Home

One of the main reasons why you should get a windstorm insurance policy is that it can provide you with protection for your home. When you have a home in this area of Texas, there is always a significant risk of windstorm damage. If you do not receive ample coverage for this under your base home insurance policy, you may need additional coverage. With a windstorm insurance policy, you will receive coverage that specifically protects against this risk. 

Owner Requirement

Another reason to get a windstorm insurance policy is that it could be a requirement of the property owner. Depending on who your mortgage lender is or if you live in a community with an association, you may need coverage to comply with your legal agreements. It is essential to check these agreements to understand your obligations. 

When you are looking for a windstorm insurance policy, it is always a good idea to work with someone that is experienced with this form of insurance protection. For those that are in the League City, TX area, it could be a great option to contact ACU Insurance Services. The team at ACU Insurance Services can answer any of your questions to ensure you get the right coverage for your situation. 

How Do I Windproof My Home?

Houston and League City, TX are no stranger to seriously damaging winds. Just about every year, agencies like ACU Insurance Services are called upon to help file claims for damaged shingles and broken windows caused by devastating blasts of air. But here’s some good news: There are ways you can windproof your home to limit or even prevent storm damage all year long.

Reinforce Your Doors And Windows

These can be the most vulnerable parts of your exterior. Glass-panel doors are particularly prone to breakage, especially from flying debris. One of the best ways to protect doors and windows from outside hazards is using aluminum or steel shutters. They close swiftly and some can even be remotely controlled.

Inspect Your Shingles

Regular windy conditions can damage shingles. Over time this leaves your home exposed to water damage from rain, heat, and cold. Without regular inspection and maintenance, this can lead to costly repairs later on. Shingles should overlap with a waterproof layering between and be secured with at least six staples or nails. For proper installation, it’s recommended to seek a roofing specialist.

Anchor or Remove Projectiles

Even large outbuildings can become a hazard during strong winds. Make sure sheds are secured with a strong foundation, ground anchors, or element-proof straps. Bolting can secure objects like outdoor furniture or grills or chaining them down to patios or decks. Also, keep trees trimmed and inspected for dried, cracking branches. Consider moving trees that are growing too close to reduce the chance of them collapsing onto your home during a storm.

Consider Windstorm Insurance

Windstorms in Houston and League City, TX are always unpredictable. Even the best windproofing measures may not be enough. Having a windstorm insurance policy from ACU Insurance Services could help cover the damages you are unprepared for. 

What type of damage does windstorm insurance cover?

Texas is a large state with strong windstorms. Residents who live in League City, TX need to know what types of insurance will cover the damages caused by various types of storms. The agents of ACU Insurance Services can answer that question and many more. There are several different types of storms that roll through the great state of Texas, and it’s up to you to be prepared for all of them. Windstorm insurance is available to protect homeowners from winds that exceed 35 miles per hour.

Types of Winds

Strong winds accompany many different types of storms aside from thunderstorms. Hurricanes and tornadoes are also able to produce sustained winds that can exceed 35 miles per hour. Gale-force winds can occur with many different weather-related events and may increase in severity whether rain and lightning are present or not. Most homeowners take ample precautions to protect their homes from weather-related wind damage, but in some cases, there is very little they can do.

Various Types of Damage

Wind damage can take many forms. It can peel the siding off of a home or rip shingles off of a roof. High winds can sometimes carry large limbs and other types of debris, damaging all types of property that end up in its path. While it’s essential to maintain your home, some damage can’t be prevented.

If you are interested in learning more about windstorm insurance and live in the League City, TX area, call the agents at ACU Insurance Services today. We will answer all of the questions you have and provide you with a policy that meets your needs and protects your property.


Is windstorm insurance mandatory in Texas?

Living a risk-free life is invaluable and precious in the state of Texas. Unlike other states with uniform laws and regulations, Texas favors a market-led insurance coverage system with varying degrees of regulations in some counties. Penalties do apply to home and business owners who fail to ensure appropriate certification before or during the construction or renovation of projects with a later attempt to sign up for windstorm insurance. As a concerned homeowner, you don’t want to forget such insurance liability in the nick of time. 

Residents are encouraged to take the coverage with carriers who hold an impressive track record, especially if they live in designated catastrophic zones. ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX is one such professional insurer. However, it is not a state requirement to sign up for the policy. But if you live in a high-risk county, your mortgage lender might request a purchase of the policy before any contractual undertaking.  

What does it cover?

Windstorm insurance covers any direct damage to your home, personal or business property caused by weather effects like hail and wind. If you don’t live in your home for a specific period before the damage, you might lose the coverage. This is usually known as additional living expense coverage. It is essential your house meets specific windstorm certification requirements when building, remodeling, adding-on, re-roofing, or repairing your structure to avoid rejection by insurers.

Before buying your home and entering into any contractual agreement, it is also imperative you check and inspect the property for a windstorm insurance certificate coverage with your insurer or real estate agent. Windstorm insurance in Texas is a sensible contemplation if you live in the coastal region. Though, in some locations, homeowner policies exclude covering storms, wind, hail and other hurricane-related perils. The 14 first-tier coastal counties designated as high wind catastrophe areas include Aransas, Brazoria, Calhoun, Cameron, Kenedy, Chambers, Kleberg, and Matagorda. Others are Refugio, San Patricio, Willacy, Nueces, Jefferson, and Harris, specifically east of Highway 146. 

Do you live in the greater Houston metropolitan area or in Galveston County and need to know house requirements for windstorm coverage? Contact ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX today for advice or additional information. Our agents will guide you on how to you navigate through the often stormy waters and respond to any of your queries for the appropriate Windstorm insurance.