Renovate or Not? What it means for your home insurance

When it comes to deciding how much homeowners insurance to purchase, much of it is dependent on the size of your house, how it is used, what features it has, and how much it would cost to rebuild it to the current state if disaster struck. What home insurance does not do, is take into account the impact a renovation can have on the value of the home and the insurability. For instance, adding an extra bedroom can increase the value of the home but now there is more square footage to insure and a more expensive house that must be rebuilt if the worst happens. On the flip side, while a pool may be a must-have luxury for your family it also puts you at greater risk of being sued if there is an injury or death because of the pool by a third party. Consequently, whenever you make a major change to your home it is a good idea to check your insurance to validate that it will cover the new additions. Generally speaking, you’ll want to do one of three things when renovating your home for insurance. First, increase the replacement dwelling coverage to the expected value of your home after the renovation is complete. Second, increase liability coverage when the construction is being done to protect yourself from being liable if a construction worker injures themselves on the job without insurance. Third, once the work is done, consider increasing your liability coverage – particularly if you are adding a potential safety concern like a pool.

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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Accidents That Occur on the Sidewalk?

Your homeowners’ insurance includes different types of liability. In most cases, the general liability insurance that is included in your policy will cover accidents that occur on your property. The key is knowing what you are responsible for and what you are not. In League City, TX, the agents of ACU Insurance Services can help you sort things out so that you know your responsibilities as a homeowner are and what you need to do to protect your investment.

Personal and Public Property

The property you own normally extends to the street. If you have a sidewalk that runs through your property, you may not own it but the responsibility for keeping it clean and passible is up to you. In most communities, the sidewalks are the property of the town. While they are responsible for repairs and general maintenance, you are expected to make sure they are clean and passible at any given time.

Protect Your Home and Family

If a slip and fall accident occurs on a sidewalk in front of your home, you may be liable if something was left on the sidewalk. If the accident was the result of the sidewalk being damaged or broken, the liability may be transferred to the community. Protecting your family from financial hardship is essential so it is essential that you know and understand what your liability risks are.

At ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX, each agent has the knowledge and experience to help you understand what your liability risks are. Call and talk to a reputable agent and get the advice and answers you need so that you can get the insurance coverage you want to feel fully protected.

Home Insurance Add Ons To Consider

Your home is your castle. It’s as unique as you are, which means you need home owner’s insurance that covers the specifics of your home. While there are basic policies that will protect your property based on the purchase price and its overall value, there are other kinds of insurance you might want to consider to protect your property further. If you live in League City, TX, and are interested in additional protection, our staff here at ACU Insurance Services can help. 

Window Insurance

Perhaps you have unique decorative windows. Stained glass elements within Tudor homes are common, and yet these are also far more expensive to replace. Or maybe you have kids that love to play catch outside, and on more than one occasion, the ball has come crashing through a window. To protect your property further, you’ll want to consider window insurance. 

Flooding Insurance

From a burst water line to a major storm, flooding can damage your entire home. You will want to protect your property as it can be extraordinarily expensive to repair. Water damage may even occur if a fire breaks out, as hundreds of gallons of water will be used to put out the fire. 

Protect Your Property With Specific Insurance Add-Ons

There are additional elements to your home that are unique. These elements may also not be protected with your set policy. In order to help you protect your home, you will want to consider some of these insurance add-ons. So, if you live in or around League City, TX, and want to learn more about available home insurance add-ons, our staff here at ACU Insurance Services is here to help. Give us a call at your earliest convenience, and we will assist you in finding an insurance policy that works for you. 

What is Protected with Homeowners’ Insurance Coverage?

A homeowners’ insurance policy provides families with peace of mind in the event of a fire or storm. Before purchasing a policy from ACU Insurance Services, it’s essential to understand precisely what types of damage homeowners insurance covers.  

The Types of Homeowners’ Coverage

Most homeowners’ insurance policies in League City, TX include the following six types of coverage.

Personal Property Coverage

This will pay personal items on your property if they are stolen, destroyed, or damaged. Those items can include furniture, electronics, or clothing.

Dwelling Coverage

This will pay if your home is destroyed or damaged by anything your policy covers. This does not include earthquakes or floods.

Coverage for Other Structures

This will pay for repairs to structures not attached to your house, such as a storage shed or detached garage.

Personal Liability

If a person is injured on your property, personal liability will pay for their medical bills, loss of wages, and other costs you could be legally responsible for. It could also pay for court costs if you endure a lawsuit due to the injury.

Medical Payments

This form of coverage will pay the medical expenses for someone who is injured on your property. It can also pay for injuries that occur while you are away from home, such as if your dog bites another person while you are taking them for a walk.

Loss of Use Coverage

This coverage will pay for your additional living expenses if you must relocate while your home is repaired after damage. These additional expenses can include rent, food, and other costs that you wouldn’t need to pay if you were still living in your home.

The agents at ACU Insurance Services have additional information on what a homeowners’ insurance policy covers in the state of Texas. Visit our office today to learn more.  


5 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent to Set Up the Ideal Policy

Are you in the market for home insurance? There likely are some things you want to ask a professional agent like the ones at ACU Insurance Services, serving the greater League City, TX region. Here are five critical questions to bring to your agent before you set up your policy.

How much will the homeowner’s policy cover if my house is destroyed?

In the event your house is destroyed, your policy will not replace your home entirely. However, it will go a long way towards making necessary repairs or rebuilding.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover personal belongings?

The short answer is yes, your policy provides coverage for possessions. There will be a total coverage limit, as well as individual limits for items that are more valuable, like jewelry and antiques. The amount you get towards replacing or repairing them falls under the replacement cost vs. actual cash value rule. You will have to get an insurance rider as an add-on if you want coverage beyond the standard limits.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover anything else?

Yes, such a policy would cover liability issues. This is beneficial in the instance someone becomes injured in your house or around your property. It also will cover loss of use, which includes payment for temporary housing when you have your home repaired. There are separate limits for each category.

What amount of homeowner’s insurance do I need?

It’s ideal to base your limits on the cost of rebuilding your home. This can be the current market price for your house, but you might consider setting it up at a higher amount in case the market price rises. It’s an especially good idea if the home is older, if construction costs are high in the area, or if you own other structures that are on the property (such as a parking garage).

Is it possible for me to save money on my insurance?

You definitely can save on home owner’s insurance costs. A straightforward way to do so is to bundle your insurance with something like auto insurance. Also, you can see if you qualify for any discounts.

Feel free to reach out with your questions through the online form or by email at any time, or give ACU Insurance Services a call during business hours. We love to help homeowners, especially those who are new to owning a home in the greater League City, TX area.

Do You Know How to Make a Home Insurance Claim?

If your home is burglarized or damaged by a storm or fire, your homeowner’s insurance will help pay for damages. To recuperate your losses, you will have to file a home insurance claim. The following tips from ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX can help facilitate your claims process.

Review Your Policy

Before calling your agent, review your insurance policy to refresh your memory about your coverage. Be mindful of time limits to make your claim, so you don’t miss out on recuperating from your losses. 

Get a Police Report

Report break-ins, burglaries, or vandalism to the police, so they can file a police report. Your insurer will require a police report to support these types of claims.

Call Your Insurer

Report all incidents of theft, vandalism, storm, or fire damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. You will receive a claims number and be assigned an adjuster for your case. Your adjuster will visit your home, assess your loss or damages, and make an estimate of the repair or replacement of stolen goods and the costs.

Document Your Loss/Damages

In the event of theft, make a list of stolen goods with descriptions of these items and receipts to verify their value. For storm, vandalism, or fire damage, take photos or a video of the damages as proof of your loss so that you can get adequate compensation for damages.

Make Temporary Repairs

If you have to make temporary repairs to avoid further damage to your property, save all receipts and invoices to get reimbursed by your insurance company. Your insurer will reimburse you for food and lodging expenses, as well, if you have to live elsewhere while repairs are made.

For help in making a home insurance claim, contact your ACU Insurance Services agent in League City, TX

3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Windstorms can wreak havoc on your home. The stronger the winds, the more likely your home will experience some type of damage. At ACU Insurance Services, the agents are always looking for new ways to help their clients who live in the League City, TX area keep their homes secure during windstorms. It may be easy to take precautions when you know a storm is coming, but windstorms can appear without warning leaving you to pick up the pieces after it’s over.

Maintain Your Roof

Maintain your roof by removing bits of debris, twigs, and sticks. It’s also important to keep your gutters clean and make sure all of the shingles and trim are firmly secured. Make necessary repairs as soon as possible so a loose shingle won’t cause major water damage.

Bring Your Lawn Furniture Inside

Strong winds can topple over even the heaviest pieces of lawn furniture. To prevent them from landing against the side of your house, tie them down or better yet, move them inside your garage or a shed. This way they won’t get knocked around. 

Keep Trees and Shrubs Pruned

Keep trees and shrubs pruned to eliminate any dead or dying branches. This will keep them from breaking off during a windstorm and breaking a window or piercing your roof. 

In League City, TX, windstorms occur with some regularity. The agents of ACU Insurance Services can provide you with several tips and tricks to prevent your home from being damaged by high winds and other types of storm activity. Call and schedule an appointment today so you can get the answers you need. Take a few moments to learn what you can do!

Home Insurance to Protect the Things You Love

You probably love yourself and your family. Most people do. But also, you most likely have a high degree of affection for your expensive gadgets, furniture and appliances. This emotion is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, you have worked hard to afford these things. So, do not make the mistake of failing to protect them.

Just as you understand the need for health and life insurance to protect the welfare of your family, you should seriously consider home insurance that includes coverage for the property within the dwelling. Failure to do so is a mistake most realize only after disaster strikes. Then, it is too late.

The best course of action is to speak with the staff of ACU Insurance Services, serving the League City, TX region. They can explain just how much home insurance coverage you need to enjoy peace of mind for your expensive property.

Electronic Gadgets and Devices

Home insurance can protect more than just the house itself. Your smartphones, home theater system and other expensive gadgets might need coverage, as well.

You never know when a thief will emerge. Likewise, a home accident may damage your gadgets and devices. Without coverage, you will be left to foot the entire bill for repair or replacement.


Homeowners love having nice furnishings that they can pass down to the children one day. However, bad things happen from time-to-time. If your furniture gets damaged or stolen, then you will suffer an emotional and financial loss. A home insurance policy that includes property coverage could protect you from this burden.


5G appliances are now on the market. Your refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances will be able to communicate with your mobile devices.

With this connectivity comes higher prices. So, if you have or plan to purchase 5G appliances to create a “smart home” environment, then insurance for these items is essential.

Get Professional Advice Today

Be sure to speak with the staff of ACU Insurance Services, serving League City, TX and beyond. They will know just how much home insurance you need to protect the property that you love. Ask for a free quote today.

3 Tips On Deciding what Should Be Included In Your Home Coverage Policy

What kind of home insurance policy do you plan to purchase for your new home?

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to home insurance from ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX or any other agency. Today, insurance providers strive to tailor their policies to individual homeowners, so that their circumstances align with their coverage. Here are some suggestions and questions you should ask yourself on how to decide what should be included in your coverage.

  • How much stuff do you really have?
  • If you have a small to average amount of accumulated belongings, you might opt for standard home coverage that doesn’t include a thorough inventory of your things.
  • If you have many valuables, however, you might prefer a policy that will go beyond a general reimbursement in the case of total loss. In this case, you would have to document anything that you would want to be replaced in case of damage or theft. You would then either be reimbursed for its value, or you would receive a replacement outright.
  • Do You Have a Plan B In Case Of Emergency?
  • If your home is lost in a fire, where would you go?
  • Do you have relatives you can stay with, or would you have to spring for a hotel?
  • If your home becomes uninhabitable, certain insurance policies cover the expenses of food and lodging for the time being. If you have no backup savings plan and no one who can guarantee to lend you a hand if you lose your home, this type of coverage could be a life-saver for you.
  • Can your home withstand floods and hurricanes?
  • Did you know that coverage for such natural disasters as floods and hurricanes are not available as part of standard home insurance policies?

In the state of Texas, if you buy your home through a mortgage, you must purchase additional hurricane insurance. If you live on a flood plain, the state’s law requires you to purchase flood insurance as well. Depending on your insurance provider, those additional policies can be tacked onto your standard home policy in some cases.

Do You Have The Right Kind Of Coverage?

If you need to purchase a policy for your home in League City, TX, contact your local friendly ACU Insurance Services agent to request a quote. He or she will be happy to answer any questions you may have or guide you through the policy purchasing process.

Why Is a Home Inventory So Important?

Creating a List for your Property

Many people can’t list everything that they own, especially after a disaster that destroys their home. This is why it’s so important to have a home inventory completed because you may have more than you realize

A home inventory for your home in League City, TX, not only helps you determine the value of your possessions so you can make sure that you have enough insurance coverage, but it also helps serve as a list of your personal property in the event that your home is damaged or destroyed. It will also help when the time comes to file an insurance claim. Even if you are renting your home, a home inventory is still important for your renter’s insurance coverage.

When creating your home inventory, add the brand and describe the items, especially on any big items. If you can note a product’s serial number, do so. Keep any receipts with the list to make the claims process easier. Keep receipts with any instruction booklets or warranties that come with the items. Keep the list and any video and photos you have away from your home, so you won’t lose it if your home is damaged. Make sure you update as you purchase any new valuables. It may seem intimidating to do but start somewhere because a partial home inventory list is better than no list at all. Start with big-ticket items and then slowly add smaller items. The more you can add and the more detailed you can be on your list and with your photos, the better.

Once you have your home inventory list, you can decide on how much insurance you need with an agent at ACU Insurance Services. If you have a lot of expensive items, including jewelry, art, furs, or antiques, you will want to ask about additional coverage options.

Contact ACU Insurance Services serving League City, TX, to get a quote on homeowners insurance.