How Do I Find Out if My Home or Business is in a Flood Plain?

There are several things to look into when buying a new home. One of the most important is finding out whether the home you like is located in or near a flood plain. Being in a flood plain dramatically increases your risk of flood damage if heavy rains hit your area. In League City, TX, the agents of ACU Insurance Services are available to help you figure out what type of flood risk you have in your current home or in one you are looking to purchase.

Is Your Home Close to Water?

The first clue to finding out if your home is in or near a flood plain is the location of the nearest body of water. Does your home sit on higher ground or slightly more elevated than nearby properties? If your home is positioned higher than the nearest water source, it’s unlikely that your home will flood. If your home sits in a flood plain, however, your chances increase dramatically.

Check the FEMA Map?

Another way to determine if your home or business sits within a flood plain is to look at a FEMA map. FEMA maps designate all of the different levels of flood plains and where their boundaries are.

At ACU Insurance Services, the agents serve residents of League City, TX and the surrounding communities. Each agent understands the importance of knowing where local flood plains are located and how heavy rains can cause costly damage to a home or business. If you have questions or concerns, call and speak to a licensed agent today. By reviewing your current policy, they can determine whether or not you have the coverage you need.