5 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent to Set Up the Ideal Policy

Are you in the market for home insurance? There likely are some things you want to ask a professional agent like the ones at ACU Insurance Services, serving the greater League City, TX region. Here are five critical questions to bring to your agent before you set up your policy.

How much will the homeowner’s policy cover if my house is destroyed?

In the event your house is destroyed, your policy will not replace your home entirely. However, it will go a long way towards making necessary repairs or rebuilding.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover personal belongings?

The short answer is yes, your policy provides coverage for possessions. There will be a total coverage limit, as well as individual limits for items that are more valuable, like jewelry and antiques. The amount you get towards replacing or repairing them falls under the replacement cost vs. actual cash value rule. You will have to get an insurance rider as an add-on if you want coverage beyond the standard limits.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover anything else?

Yes, such a policy would cover liability issues. This is beneficial in the instance someone becomes injured in your house or around your property. It also will cover loss of use, which includes payment for temporary housing when you have your home repaired. There are separate limits for each category.

What amount of homeowner’s insurance do I need?

It’s ideal to base your limits on the cost of rebuilding your home. This can be the current market price for your house, but you might consider setting it up at a higher amount in case the market price rises. It’s an especially good idea if the home is older, if construction costs are high in the area, or if you own other structures that are on the property (such as a parking garage).

Is it possible for me to save money on my insurance?

You definitely can save on home owner’s insurance costs. A straightforward way to do so is to bundle your insurance with something like auto insurance. Also, you can see if you qualify for any discounts.

Feel free to reach out with your questions through the online form or by email at any time, or give ACU Insurance Services a call during business hours. We love to help homeowners, especially those who are new to owning a home in the greater League City, TX area.