Deciding If You Need Flood Insurance

The potential of a flooding disaster concerns most homeowners.   Every year, photos of homes submerged in flood waters are shown on news.  The concern for flooding is real but not every home is at equal risk.  Luckily, assessing your home’s risk level is easy to determine.  In the League City area, the agents at ACU Insurance Services are ready to help you make decisions about whether you need flood insurance or not.

In the US, the greatest natural disaster threat is flooding.  Also, home insurance policies do not cover flood damage.  In 1968, Congress recognized the burden these natural disasters placed on citizens and enacted the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  This helps those impacted to recover more quickly.  Determining your home’s level of flood risk is quite easy.  At FEMA, enter your address and you will find information about the level of risk for your home.  Homes in high risk areas naturally want the additional coverage of flood insurance.  For those in low or moderate risk areas, you will need to make some decisions.  Your agent will be able to help.  Nationally, it is estimated that one foot of water in a 1,000 sq. ft. home causes on average $27,150 damage.  For most, a flood event would be financially devasting.  To protect personal possessions and furniture, renters can also get flood insurance protection.  Whether you decide to get flood insurance or not, make sure that you understand your home’s risk level.

In the League City, TX area, the agents at ACU Insurance Services are ready to help you decide whether you need the additional protection that flood insurance provides.  Visit their website for information to get started then come into the offices to talk with an agent.  The time to protect the investment in your home is before anything happens.  Call or come by today!