3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Windstorms can wreak havoc on your home. The stronger the winds, the more likely your home will experience some type of damage. At ACU Insurance Services, the agents are always looking for new ways to help their clients who live in the League City, TX area keep their homes secure during windstorms. It may be easy to take precautions when you know a storm is coming, but windstorms can appear without warning leaving you to pick up the pieces after it’s over.

Maintain Your Roof

Maintain your roof by removing bits of debris, twigs, and sticks. It’s also important to keep your gutters clean and make sure all of the shingles and trim are firmly secured. Make necessary repairs as soon as possible so a loose shingle won’t cause major water damage.

Bring Your Lawn Furniture Inside

Strong winds can topple over even the heaviest pieces of lawn furniture. To prevent them from landing against the side of your house, tie them down or better yet, move them inside your garage or a shed. This way they won’t get knocked around. 

Keep Trees and Shrubs Pruned

Keep trees and shrubs pruned to eliminate any dead or dying branches. This will keep them from breaking off during a windstorm and breaking a window or piercing your roof. 

In League City, TX, windstorms occur with some regularity. The agents of ACU Insurance Services can provide you with several tips and tricks to prevent your home from being damaged by high winds and other types of storm activity. Call and schedule an appointment today so you can get the answers you need. Take a few moments to learn what you can do!