How Do I Windproof My Home?

Houston and League City, TX are no stranger to seriously damaging winds. Just about every year, agencies like ACU Insurance Services are called upon to help file claims for damaged shingles and broken windows caused by devastating blasts of air. But here’s some good news: There are ways you can windproof your home to limit or even prevent storm damage all year long.

Reinforce Your Doors And Windows

These can be the most vulnerable parts of your exterior. Glass-panel doors are particularly prone to breakage, especially from flying debris. One of the best ways to protect doors and windows from outside hazards is using aluminum or steel shutters. They close swiftly and some can even be remotely controlled.

Inspect Your Shingles

Regular windy conditions can damage shingles. Over time this leaves your home exposed to water damage from rain, heat, and cold. Without regular inspection and maintenance, this can lead to costly repairs later on. Shingles should overlap with a waterproof layering between and be secured with at least six staples or nails. For proper installation, it’s recommended to seek a roofing specialist.

Anchor or Remove Projectiles

Even large outbuildings can become a hazard during strong winds. Make sure sheds are secured with a strong foundation, ground anchors, or element-proof straps. Bolting can secure objects like outdoor furniture or grills or chaining them down to patios or decks. Also, keep trees trimmed and inspected for dried, cracking branches. Consider moving trees that are growing too close to reduce the chance of them collapsing onto your home during a storm.

Consider Windstorm Insurance

Windstorms in Houston and League City, TX are always unpredictable. Even the best windproofing measures may not be enough. Having a windstorm insurance policy from ACU Insurance Services could help cover the damages you are unprepared for.