Does Home Insurance Cover Repairs and Renovations in Texas?

For homeowners who are trying to plan how they’ll be able to finance a repair or renovation to their property, it’s a good idea to evaluate all available options. From dipping into savings to taking out a line of credit to consulting with your home insurance policies, you’ll want to look at every potential avenue to cover your home repair or renovation. At ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX, we know how important it is for homeowners to feel comfortable paying for emergency home repairs. As we’ll explain in the article below, some types of modifications to your home may not be covered by your home insurance policy. Before you give up on that option, though, you should consult with an agent at our insurance agency.

Does Home Insurance Cover Repairs and Renovations in Texas?

While every home insurance policy is different, home insurance generally only recovers repairs for damage directly resulting from qualifying events. Most home insurance policies, for example, will not cover repairs related to flood damage since that’s what flood insurance is supposed to cover. Your insurance policy is highly unlikely to provide coverage for cosmetic renovations or improvements entirely unrelated to qualifying events. Even if home insurance provides coverage for repairs, it will probably only be to restore the damaged area to the same finish and state of function that it had before the damage occurred. You can’t file a claim for damages-related costs and use those funds to renovate.

To learn how our home insurance policies can potentially help you cover repairs for qualifying events, call our team of professionals at ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX today!

Do You Need Flood Insurance for Your Texas Home?

Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, having a flood insurance policy in place is not a bad idea these days. You never know when a downpour or thunderstorm will occur and flood the basement area of your home or, worse yet, the upstairs portion of your home. Our agents at ACU Insurance Services serving the League City, TX area also know and understand that Texas is no stranger to hurricanes and water surges.

It would be best if you kept in mind that most home insurance policies do not cover flooding or earthquakes. This is why flood and earthquake insurance is available for people to add to their original home insurance policy.

Flood Insurance Policy Coverage

Most flood insurance policies are obtained through your agent and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There are normally two parts to your flood insurance policy. One of those is the part of the policy that covers the structure of your home and outbuildings if they are damaged or destroyed by flooding. The other piece to your flood insurance policy will cover your personal belongings and other items, such as clothing, electronics, appliances, furniture, and other things. Some flood insurance policies will even help you cover the expenses of living in another location while your home is repaired after a flood has occurred.

Contact ACU Insurance Services

Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry, so even if you think you do not need a flood insurance policy right now, you still may want to consider one. Contact our agents at ACU Insurance Services serving the League City, TX area today and get your flood insurance policy started and have the peace of mind that comes with it.

Windstorm Insurance and Disaster Preparedness

Windstorms in League City, TX, and surrounding areas can wreak havoc on homes and communities, causing significant property damage and posing risks to residents’ safety. Windstorm insurance plays a crucial role in disaster preparedness efforts. By having a comprehensive plan that includes insurance coverage, evacuation plans, and emergency supplies, individuals and communities can better protect themselves against windstorm-related risks. 

Get Insurance Coverage

Windstorm insurance explicitly addresses the damage caused by strong winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather events. With windstorm insurance, homeowners gain financial protection that helps cover repair and rebuilding costs. This coverage ensures that individuals and communities recover and rebuild more efficiently after a windstorm.

Take Precautions with Evacuation Plans 

In an approaching windstorm, having a well-thought-out evacuation plan is crucial. This plan should outline designated evacuation routes, emergency shelter locations, and communication channels for alerting residents. Windstorm insurance complements evacuation plans by covering personal belongings and property left behind during an evacuation so that they can focus more on safety. 

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies 

Disaster preparedness efforts include having essential emergency supplies readily available. These supplies consist of non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, first aid kits, and other necessary items. With windstorm insurance in place, individuals and communities can address their immediate needs after a storm.

Mitigating Risk

In addition to insurance coverage, disaster preparedness efforts should include proactive measures to mitigate risk. This may involve reinforcing windows and doors, securing loose objects, trimming trees, and securing the roof. By taking these precautions, individuals can reduce damage caused by windstorms. 

How ACU Insurance Services Can Help You

Here at ACU Insurance Services, we can help you with information about windstorm insurance. We will work to get you the policy that is good for you around the League City, TX region. Contact ACU Insurance Services today

How much flood insurance do I need?

With over 3,000 League City residences in FEMA’s Special Flood Hazard Area (formerly known as the 100-year floodplain), all community members should recognize the value of flood insurance. But how much flood insurance do you need? This article helps answer that question, but your needs are unique, so contact the team at ACU Insurance Services, serving League City, TX, for advice on the best flood insurance for your needs.

Flood Insurance Policy Needs

Homeowner’s and renter’s policies do not cover flooding from water entering from outside your home, so flood insurance is needed for those damages.

Also, if you have a mortgage and live in certain areas, you may be required to have a minimum amount of flood insurance, but the minimum amount may not meet your needs. Instead, homeowners should have enough flood insurance coverage to rebuild their homes and replace their possessions if the worst happens. 

Our team at ACU Insurance Services can help you determine your home’s rebuild cost and the replacement cost of your possessions. Since policies often limit reimbursement by category, you should consider policy riders to cover your household’s artwork, collections, or other out-of-the-ordinary items.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) helps keep flood insurance policies affordable but limits coverage to $250,000 for the home and $100,000 for possessions. NFIP also does not cover additional expenses incurred if the damage displaces you from your home, so you may need private insurance to meet your requirements.

Remember, none of us controls whether a flood might affect our homes, but we can protect our families against the financial effects of a flood.

Working with ACU Insurance Services

ACU Insurance Services proudly serves League City, TX, and has experience dealing with flood insurance policies. Call us or stop by today to discuss your flood insurance options, and we will help you find the best policy for your family.

Tips to make your house more energy efficient

Making your house more energy efficient is a great way to save money on bills and help the environment in the League City, TX area. Here are some simple tips from us at ACU Insurance Services to make your home more energy efficient:

1. Insulate Your Home: Adding insulation to your walls, attic, and basement can help reduce the amount of energy used for heating and cooling. Not only will this reduce your energy usage, but it will also make your home more comfortable year-round.  

2. Change Out Old Bulbs: Replacing old light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs is an easy way to save energy. These bulbs use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer! 

3. Upgrade Your Appliances: Upgrading older appliances with newer models labeled "Energy Star" can substantially reduce your energy consumption. Look for Energy Star-rated washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other large appliances. 

4. Install a Smart Thermostat: Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to set temperatures based on when you’re usually away from home or asleep at night, so you don’t have to remember to adjust it manually daily. Plus, these thermostats learn from usage patterns; after a few weeks, they will adjust automatically! 

5. Seal Air Leaks: Caulk and weather-striping around doors, windows, and other openings in the home help keep warm air in during cold months and cool air in during hot months—saving you money on utility bills all year long! 

Making your house more energy efficient doesn’t have to be complicated—even making small changes can add up over time! For more tips, give us at ACU Insurance Services a call today. We are proud to serve the League City, TX area.

Three Myths About Flood Insurance

To make the best insurance choices, you need accurate insurance information. At ACU Insurance Services, serving League City, TX, and the surrounding areas, we aim to help clients understand the difference between insurance facts and myths. Let’s look at a few myths surrounding flood insurance. 

Myth- Flood Insurance Is Included In All Homeowner’s Policies

This is not the case. Most homeowners’ policies do not cover naturally occurring flooding. Most policies will cover interior flooding resulting from plumbing problems or appliance issues. This is a very different type of flooding from naturally occurring flooding, which takes place outside the home and is often the result of a weather event. 

Myth- Everyone Needs Flood Insurance

This is also not true. Many homeowners live in areas with such a minimal risk of flooding that it is not even recommended to carry flood insurance. However, the only way to determine if you fall into this category is to sit down with an insurance expert who can discuss your actual flood risk for your area. These professionals will have detailed and up-to-date data concerning flood risks for different properties. 

Myth- Renters Arent’ Eligible For Flood Insurance 

This is untrue. Renters can and should purchase flood insurance to protect their personal belongings housed in a rental property. This is especially true if you rent in an area with a high flood risk. 

To learn more about flood insurance, please get in touch with us at ACU Insurance Services, serving League City, TX, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to answer your questions today. 

Prepare for Stronger Storms With Texas Windstorm Insurance

Texas is no stranger to intense storms. Its location along the coast regularly faces hurricanes and tropical storms. Fortunately, Texans are prepared when bad weather moves in. That’s why homeowners in high-risk counties are ready to be equipped with the right insurance coverage.

What Is Texas Windstorm Insurance?

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) provides wind and hail insurance to 14 Texas gulf coast counties and a portion of Harris county. This type of insurance covers damage caused by windstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, and hail. It also protects certain kinds of water damage from storm surges or flooding.

How Do I Get Coverage?

If you live in a high-risk county, you may be required to purchase coverage to qualify for a mortgage loan or home equity line of credit. You can get coverage through an approved private insurer, such as ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX. Private insurers can offer more comprehensive coverage than TWIA and may have lower premiums.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of your policy will depend on factors such as your location, the age and condition of your home, and the amount of coverage you need. Generally speaking, windstorm insurance policies are more expensive than standard homeowners policies due to the higher risk associated with coastal areas.

Why Is It Important?

Having adequate windstorm insurance is essential for protecting yourself financially in case a disaster strikes. Without it, you could face significant out-of-pocket expenses if a storm or other natural disaster damages your home.

It’s important to remember that not all homeowners’ policies cover windstorms or flooding, so read the fine print before signing up for any policy! Contact ACU Insurance Services today if you’re looking for reliable protection against storms and other disasters in League City, TX!

Flood Preparations: What League City Residents Need to Know

Does League City, TX flood? 

League City, TX is located on the sunny Gulf Coast, where citizens can enjoy boating, beach days, and more. However, like many coastal cities, League City is prone to flooding. Hurricane-related floods pose severe risks to properties along the coastline.

Storms like Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Galveston County in 2017, are an unfortunate but unavoidable risk of living close to the Gulf’s warm waters. 

How can League City residents protect their homes from flooding?

While nobody can control the weather, residents can take steps to protect their homes.

  • Make copies of any critical documents in your home, including your deed, and keep them in a “go bag” to be prepared for an evacuation.
  • Seal all basements, windows, and doors during the dry season against water. 
  • Water can enter your home through broken windows. Use precut, heavy plywood to cover windows before the storm strikes.
  • Sandbags can help stop several feet of water. If you have time before a storm, lay sandbags to keep water away from entryways. 
  • When evacuating, turn off all water, gas, and electricity to your home at the main switch. This reduces your risk of electrical fires and gas leaks. 
  • Invest in flood insurance from a reliable firm, like ACU Insurance Services. Our policies can help protect your investment should flood damage occur. 

While the steps above can help you protect your property, listening to government-issued warnings is essential. Follow evacuation orders when severe weather strikes. 

Can flood insurance help protect homeowners? 

Flood insurance is the best way to cover your investment when facing unpredictable weather conditions. While some areas may not be eligible, League City has made strides toward making flood insurance more accessible to homeowners. Starting April 1, 2021, homeowners may qualify for specific savings if they live in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

Preparing for floods can be stressful, but protecting your property doesn’t have to be. At ACU Insurance Services, our League City, TX agents can help. We understand local ordinances and can explore your options for protection. Reach out to ACU Insurance Services today to learn more.

How to prepare your house for a storm

Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family in a storm, it is time to turn your attention to preparing your home for a storm. Taking the proper precautions can help minimize the risk of serious damage to your property during severe weather.

Here are some tips from us at ACU Insurance Services on how to prepare your home for a storm in the League City, TX area:

  1. Check Your Roof – Ensure that shingles and other materials are secure and free from rot or decay.
  2. Clear Gutters & Downspouts – Be sure to clear debris from gutters and downspouts before storms.
  3. Trim Trees & Shrubs – Trim overgrown trees and shrubs to reduce the risk of branches breaking during high winds.
  4. Cover Windows & Doors – Secure shutters or plywood to windows and doors before the storm arrives.
  5. Secure Outdoor Objects – Move outdoor furniture, grills, and other items inside before a storm hits.
  6. Unplug Electronics – Unplug appliances and electronics that lightning strikes or power surges could damage.
  7. Check Insurance Coverage – Ensure you are adequately covered for any damage caused by severe weather.

By taking the necessary steps to prepare your home for a storm, you can help protect it from serious damage. These simple precautions you can take now will save time and money. Don’t wait until severe weather arrives — start preparing today! If you need assistance with any of these tasks or want more information about protecting yourself from storms best, contact us at ACU Insurance Services today. We proudly serve the League City, TX area.

How to Know Whether Your Home Insurance Policy Is Thorough Enough

If you’re a League City, TX homeowner, then you should know that simply having home insurance in the first place isn’t enough to ensure the safety of your property and the security of your future. If your home is underinsured, you could still be at risk.

And before you assume that can’t possibly mean you, you should also know that this is a common state of affairs – one that most homeowners aren’t aware of until it’s too late. Here’s how to tell whether you should speak to your ACU Insurance Services agent about upgrading your policy.

Check to ensure your policy covers rebuilding costs

Naturally, most of the point of home insurance is having full protection from the worst possible scenario – total loss of your home due to fire, natural disaster, or a similar occurrence. But don’t just assume that any home insurance policy will cover the total costs of rebuilding a home should the worst happen. If you’re underinsured, yours probably won’t.

Make sure your policy covers your actual valuables.

Another common assumption underinsured homeowners tend to make is that their current policy will cover all of their possessions in the event they are lost or damaged in a disaster. However, this isn’t always the case. Some valuables – like musical instruments, cash, or antiques, to name just a few common possibilities – may require a special policy rider to be protected.

Determine whether you need additional disaster coverage

Many common disasters – like floods or earthquakes – aren’t typically covered by standard home insurance policies in League City, TX. If that’s the case for you, as well, then you’ll want to look into purchasing supplemental insurance to ensure you’re genuinely protected against all possibilities.

Ultimately, a home is one of the most significant investments a person ever makes, so it’s intelligent and essential to ensure it’s well-insured. Get in touch with an ACU Insurance Services rep today to review your policy and ensure it’s everything it should be!