Does My Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

ACU Insurance Services believes that insurance best protects you when you understand what it does for you. The homeowners’ insurance you buy to protect your League City, TX, home protects you from financial loss from many perils but not from termite damage.

Homeowners’ Policies Don’t Cover Creeping Threats

Home insurance policies do not cover termite damage. The insurance industry considers it a creeping threat that a homeowner could discover by doing an annual property inspection. The perils coverage of your homeowners’ policy protects against sudden loss, such as fire or theft. Those perils you can’t fully prevent, but you can prepare for them.

Proper Maintenance Prevents Termite Damage Homeowners can prevent termites from damaging their homes. Each year, they should examine their homes, especially the typically unseen areas, like the attic, basement, crawl space, and garage rafters. Termites start in those areas closest to the exterior of the home and work their way in. When they eat wood, termites leave small trails where they munch, making their meals easy to spot.

Stopping Termites in Their Tracks

Termites take many years to cause serious damage, so an annual inspection uncovers their early work. When you spot termites or evidence of them, call a pesticide firm to spray your home. A termite exterminator can kill off the vermin quickly and at a reasonable cost. When addressed quickly, a termite infestation costs no more than a visit from the exterminator.

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No homeowners’ policy covers termite damage, but at ACU Insurance Services, we help our customers in and around League City, TX, better understand what their homeowners’ policies and other insurance cover. Let us help you better protect your home. Call or email us today. 

Prepare Your Residence for A Flood

Identifying effective tactics to prepare your home for a potential flood will safeguard both your property’s structure and stored possessions.

Flood Protection Measures

Implementing proper flood protection strategies will notably reduce the chances of needing to file a flood insurance claim. In instances where filing a claim becomes necessary, employed protection measures may restrict the overall damage suffered by your home and belongings.

Tackle Property Concerns

Initiate an inspection of your property to identify any drainage-related concerns. Your thorough check should include elements like fencing, walls, and underground plumbing. Water pooling can damage your land and items within your home significantly. Address these concerns promptly, repairing any compromised structural elements.

Inspect Interior Parts of Your Home

An internal inspection of your residence is equally vital. This check will assess the interior structural material conditions and the security of indoor-stored items. An effective strategy post-inspection could involve upgrading windows, doors, or other structural materials to prevent water infiltration

Safeguard Your Valuables

Develop a storage plan to protect valuable possessions from rising floodwaters. Items of value should be stored in a waterproof safe or container on the upper level of your home. Your flood insurance policy should ideally cover these valuable possessions.

If you have reservations about the amount of flood insurance coverage you require, get in touch with an ACU Insurance Services agent today. Representatives are on standby to assist residents of League City, TX.

Windstorm Insurance: FAQs

If you live in an area with a high risk of storms and hails, you may want to consider getting windstorm insurance. This type of insurance is created to cover your home if it is damaged by hail or storms. You can add it to your existing home insurance or purchase it separately. If you have never heard of this insurance before but want to consider buying it, here are answers to the most common questions about it: 

What Does Windstorm Insurance Cover?

A standard windstorm insurance policy includes five types of coverage. They are dwelling coverage (covering the home itself and other structures attached to it), other structures coverage (covering other structures on the property), personal property coverage (covering any personal belongings), loss of rent coverage (reimbursing for the loss of rent), and loss of use coverage (paying for hotel stays, restaurant meals, and other additional expenses if a home is being repaired or rebuilt). 

How Do You Know If You Need Windstorm Insurance?

As mentioned above, it depends on the area you live. There are coastal communities in certain states where hail and wind might be excluded from your standard home insurance. That is why you need windstorm insurance to protect your property. Texas is one of these states. 

How Can You Get Windstorm Insurance? 

There are three different ways to purchase windstorm insurance. The first is to add windstorm coverage as an endorsement to your existing home insurance. The second is to purchase it as a separate policy. Finally, your state administers an insurance pool. 

If you live in League City, TX, or any other nearby area and are searching for windstorm insurance to ensure that your home is well protected in case of a storm or hail, ACU Insurance Services is the local insurance agency that will be happy to assist you. If you need help finding the right policy, feel free to reach out to ACU Insurance Services, which serves clients in League City and other surrounding areas. 

Protect Your Farmland from Floods – Measures to Take Before Insuring Your Property

Protecting Your Newly Purchased FarmLand

If you have recently acquired farmland, here are several strategies to protect your property from potential damage and theft. Once your land has been prepared, contact our agents in League City, TX, for the seamless preparation of your insurance documents.

Property Assessment

An appraisal can determine the current value and dimensions of your property – vital information when purchasing an insurance policy that will offer sufficient protection for your land.

Land Grading

Grading your land removes surface inconsistencies. This process could prevent rainwater from pooling, thus reducing the risk of floods.

Soil Care Practices

Soil conditions on your property may need modification. For instance, if the soil isn’t adequately aerated, it could impact the drainage capabilities of your land, which can be rectified through soil aeration or compaction. Should there be any holes on your property, they can be filled using topsoil.

Installation of Drainage Materials

New drainage materials may be necessary if any drainage problems have previously been detected. Just installing perforated drain lines, gutter sections, and other such materials to steer water away could lessen the impact of rising waters. Consequently, these materials can protect your home and land from unexpected floods.

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Protect Your League City Home with Insurance in Five Easy Steps!

League City, TX, homeowners are subject to various insurance-related perils, including weather-related perils like hurricanes, windstorms, floods, and hailstorms. With a home insurance policy, you get comprehensive protection from this and other perils like burglary, theft, fire, and vandalism. 

5 Steps to Protect Your Home

Step #1. – Benefit from Local Expertise

Local homeowners benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable insurance agents at ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX. Our licensed and friendly agents can walk you step-by-step through the process of choosing the best home insurance policy. 

Step #2. – Provide Details About Your Home and Property

Talk to a trusted insurance agent for details about your home and property. Learn about the benefits of dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and liability protection that help shield homeowners from accidents that happen on their property, resulting in lawsuits and other legal claims. 

Step #3. – Get Financial Protection for Your Most Important Investments

Once your agent has essential details about your home and you’ve provided details about what assets and valuables you’d like to have covered, the next step is to learn what discounts and add-on options are available for Texas home insurance policyholders. 

Step #4. – Find Out About Home Insurance Discounts and Policy Add Ons

Your agent will let you know if you qualify for policy discounts by bundling your home insurance with auto, umbrella, or commercial insurance policies.

Step #5. – Get a Free Quote and Start Your Policy! 

The final step in the process is to get your free home insurance quote, select your coverages, and start your policy. Contact an agent at ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX, to begin your home insurance policy today! 

Why Fibbing on a Home Insurance Application is a Bad Idea

It is no secret that a variety of factors can impact the rates that are paid for a homeowner’s insurance policy. These can include the age and size of a home, its location, construction materials, and amenities. It also may consist of whether or not you have a dog, trampoline, pool, or other higher-risk factors.

This can make it tempting to ignore some aspects of your home insurance application or even fib just a bit. This is a terrible idea.

At ACU Insurance Services of League City, TX, it is our duty not only to ensure you get the home insurance protection you want and expect but also to ensure the information is as accurate as possible. There are good reasons.

Untruths on an Application Can Impact Claims

Your claim could be denied if you have a claim on your homeowner’s insurance and your application has inaccuracies. It could also lead to the cancellation of your policy. This could happen at the worst possible time when you need coverage the most.

Dogs, Pools, Trampolines, and More

If you have or acquire a dog throughout your coverage period, and the dog bites a visitor, the liability coverage may be denied. Adding a trampoline to the backyard without notifying your insurance company could lead to denying an injury claim.

The best policy when filling out your homeowner’s application is honesty. Filling out an application for homeowners insurance could be meaningless if coverage is ultimately invalid.

At ACU Insurance Services, we serve the League City, TX, area with homeowners insurance. We take care in making sure applications are as accurate as possible. You can have confidence when you have coverage through ACU Insurance Service. Contact us today.

Head ’em Up and Move ’em Out!

When the going gets tough, get up and get out of there! There’s one sure way to survive a flood, and that’s to leave before the flooding starts. You may get some warning if your area is going to be flooded, particularly if the reason is an oncoming hurricane. In this case, evacuation may be the intelligent thing to do. An even smarter thing to do is to know how to evacuate before you need to evacuate.  

Before You Go

First, make a plan. Where will you go, and how will you get there if you need to evacuate? Find out what shelters are available. If a motel, friend, or family member’s home is available, make that part of the plan. If you have a pet, will they be accepted? Get familiar with alternate routes and any other means of transportation to get out of your area. If you live with other people, make a plan where to meet should you get separated. Assemble supplies for a bug-out bag. Keep your car gassed up and keep an emergency kit in it.  

On the Go

Leave before things get too serious. If you have time, you can close and lock all the doors and windows before you go. Unplug the electrical equipment and shut off water, gas, and electricity. FEMA has an app that will tell you where the local shelters are. A battery-powered radio will keep you in touch with the news and evacuation instructions. Dress for the weather. Keep in mind that any shortcuts may be blocked. Follow recommended evacuation routes and keep an eye out for hazards on the road. Do not drive in flooded areas. Keep safe so you can eventually come home. 

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If you need flood insurance and are in the League City, TX area, please get in touch with ACU Insurance Services. We’re here to help. 

The Benefits of Windstorm Insurance for Transportation Companies

Transportation companies play a pivotal role in the global economy, ensuring the efficient movement of goods and people. However, in the Houston and League City, TX area, they face various risks in their operations, and one of the most unpredictable and potentially devastating threats is windstorms. Windstorm insurance is a specialized coverage that offers essential protection for transportation companies against the financial fallout of windstorm-related damages.

The Unpredictable Nature of Windstorms

Windstorms, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms, can cause extensive damage to transportation assets. Cargo vans and big rigs face more challenging times and are more likely to fall over by the excessive winds. These events can result in structural damage to vehicles, cargo losses, and significant downtime for transportation companies.

Key Benefits of Windstorm Insurance

Windstorm insurance provides coverage for a wide range of losses associated with windstorms. This can include damage to vehicles, cargo, terminals, and other infrastructure and business interruption expenses due to downtime caused by storm-related damage.

Windstorms can result in substantial financial losses, potentially crippling transportation companies. Windstorm insurance offers a financial safety net, ensuring that the cost of repairs or replacements doesn’t fall entirely on the company’s shoulders.

Customized Policies

Windstorm insurance policies can be customized to address the unique risks transportation companies face. This customization ensures that the coverage aligns with the specific assets and vulnerabilities of the business.

Mitigating Business Disruption

One of the most significant advantages of windstorm insurance is its ability to reduce downtime for transportation companies. When a windstorm strikes, swift access to insurance funds can facilitate rapid repairs or replacements, allowing the company to resume operations sooner.

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At ACU Insurance Services, we can help answer questions concerning windstorm insurance. We serve the Houston and League City, TX area. Contact us today. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Repairs and Renovations in Texas?

For homeowners who are trying to plan how they’ll be able to finance a repair or renovation to their property, it’s a good idea to evaluate all available options. From dipping into savings to taking out a line of credit to consulting with your home insurance policies, you’ll want to look at every potential avenue to cover your home repair or renovation. At ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX, we know how important it is for homeowners to feel comfortable paying for emergency home repairs. As we’ll explain in the article below, some types of modifications to your home may not be covered by your home insurance policy. Before you give up on that option, though, you should consult with an agent at our insurance agency.

Does Home Insurance Cover Repairs and Renovations in Texas?

While every home insurance policy is different, home insurance generally only recovers repairs for damage directly resulting from qualifying events. Most home insurance policies, for example, will not cover repairs related to flood damage since that’s what flood insurance is supposed to cover. Your insurance policy is highly unlikely to provide coverage for cosmetic renovations or improvements entirely unrelated to qualifying events. Even if home insurance provides coverage for repairs, it will probably only be to restore the damaged area to the same finish and state of function that it had before the damage occurred. You can’t file a claim for damages-related costs and use those funds to renovate.

To learn how our home insurance policies can potentially help you cover repairs for qualifying events, call our team of professionals at ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX today!

Do You Need Flood Insurance for Your Texas Home?

Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, having a flood insurance policy in place is not a bad idea these days. You never know when a downpour or thunderstorm will occur and flood the basement area of your home or, worse yet, the upstairs portion of your home. Our agents at ACU Insurance Services serving the League City, TX area also know and understand that Texas is no stranger to hurricanes and water surges.

It would be best if you kept in mind that most home insurance policies do not cover flooding or earthquakes. This is why flood and earthquake insurance is available for people to add to their original home insurance policy.

Flood Insurance Policy Coverage

Most flood insurance policies are obtained through your agent and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There are normally two parts to your flood insurance policy. One of those is the part of the policy that covers the structure of your home and outbuildings if they are damaged or destroyed by flooding. The other piece to your flood insurance policy will cover your personal belongings and other items, such as clothing, electronics, appliances, furniture, and other things. Some flood insurance policies will even help you cover the expenses of living in another location while your home is repaired after a flood has occurred.

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Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry, so even if you think you do not need a flood insurance policy right now, you still may want to consider one. Contact our agents at ACU Insurance Services serving the League City, TX area today and get your flood insurance policy started and have the peace of mind that comes with it.