Home Insurance to Protect the Things You Love

You probably love yourself and your family. Most people do. But also, you most likely have a high degree of affection for your expensive gadgets, furniture and appliances. This emotion is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, you have worked hard to afford these things. So, do not make the mistake of failing to protect them.

Just as you understand the need for health and life insurance to protect the welfare of your family, you should seriously consider home insurance that includes coverage for the property within the dwelling. Failure to do so is a mistake most realize only after disaster strikes. Then, it is too late.

The best course of action is to speak with the staff of ACU Insurance Services, serving the League City, TX region. They can explain just how much home insurance coverage you need to enjoy peace of mind for your expensive property.

Electronic Gadgets and Devices

Home insurance can protect more than just the house itself. Your smartphones, home theater system and other expensive gadgets might need coverage, as well.

You never know when a thief will emerge. Likewise, a home accident may damage your gadgets and devices. Without coverage, you will be left to foot the entire bill for repair or replacement.


Homeowners love having nice furnishings that they can pass down to the children one day. However, bad things happen from time-to-time. If your furniture gets damaged or stolen, then you will suffer an emotional and financial loss. A home insurance policy that includes property coverage could protect you from this burden.


5G appliances are now on the market. Your refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances will be able to communicate with your mobile devices.

With this connectivity comes higher prices. So, if you have or plan to purchase 5G appliances to create a “smart home” environment, then insurance for these items is essential.

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Be sure to speak with the staff of ACU Insurance Services, serving League City, TX and beyond. They will know just how much home insurance you need to protect the property that you love. Ask for a free quote today.

Lessons Learned from the Midwest Floods

Our hearts go out to those suffering from the heavy flooding in the Midwest. All the good folks at the ACU Insurance Services serving League City, TX know about the potential of water damage from floods. League City is on the coast of Texas, just to the west of Trinity Bay and north of Galveston Bay, so we know quite a bit about flooding caused by storm surge. It only takes a few inches of water coming into a house to do major damage.

Flood Zones

Many mortgage lenders and government-backed mortgages require flood insurance before they will make a loan on a home that is located in a designated flood zone area. For those who have a loan from a lender that does not require flood insurance, and they do not get the insurance, they are risking losing everything if a serious flood happens. The chances of a serious flood happening in the next years are now higher for many areas. A flood can occur even in areas that have not seen one for over 100 years.

Outdated Flood Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is responsible for the publication of the flood maps in America. They identify high-risk areas for floods based on historical data. However, so many of these maps are out-of-date. FEMA has not updated them for decades.

Lessons Learned

The flooding in the Midwest taught us quite a bit about how outdated the flood maps are and how many more homes are at risk of damage by flooding. So many homes that were outside of the traditional flood zones were damaged by these recent floods. Some towns flooded that were many miles from the nearest river. In some places, the water even breached new levees that were built to the federal standards of five feet high, when the water level rose higher than that.


FEMA recommends that even if your home is not in a designated high-risk area for flooding, homeowners should now all consider getting flood insurance. Call 800-581-2428 to talk with your agent at ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX or use our online form to get a quote for flood insurance.

What type of damage does windstorm insurance cover?

Texas is a large state with strong windstorms. Residents who live in League City, TX need to know what types of insurance will cover the damages caused by various types of storms. The agents of ACU Insurance Services can answer that question and many more. There are several different types of storms that roll through the great state of Texas, and it’s up to you to be prepared for all of them. Windstorm insurance is available to protect homeowners from winds that exceed 35 miles per hour.

Types of Winds

Strong winds accompany many different types of storms aside from thunderstorms. Hurricanes and tornadoes are also able to produce sustained winds that can exceed 35 miles per hour. Gale-force winds can occur with many different weather-related events and may increase in severity whether rain and lightning are present or not. Most homeowners take ample precautions to protect their homes from weather-related wind damage, but in some cases, there is very little they can do.

Various Types of Damage

Wind damage can take many forms. It can peel the siding off of a home or rip shingles off of a roof. High winds can sometimes carry large limbs and other types of debris, damaging all types of property that end up in its path. While it’s essential to maintain your home, some damage can’t be prevented.

If you are interested in learning more about windstorm insurance and live in the League City, TX area, call the agents at ACU Insurance Services today. We will answer all of the questions you have and provide you with a policy that meets your needs and protects your property.


Why You Should Purchase Flood Insurance When You Are Renting

If you are renting a home in League City, TX or surrounding areas, you should consider supplementing your renter insurance with a flood insurance policy. The benefits of a flood insurance policy supplementing with your renter insurance will provide you and your belongings solid coverage. Reasons below are why you should consider a flood insurance policy with ACU Insurance Services today.

Does my renter insurance cover floods?

The short answer to this question is that your renter insurance policy may cover your belongings in accidents and thefts, but flood damage is not one of those accidents. Flood damage is a disaster that is uncontrollable but is only included in its own policy. Unfortunately, many residents renting in flood zones do not have insurance, causing them to lose thousands in personal property during these disasters. Purchasing flood insurance allows you protection during these disasters and allows peace of mind knowing you are covered.

Does my landlord’s policy cover flood damage?

Although your landlord may have flood insurance on the property, it will only cover any structural damage and property damage caused by the flood. Anything that belongs to the landlord will be covered, but this is not the case for those renting and their families. As a renter, your personal belongings are not included in this policy, leaving you uninsured and forced to replace your personal property in such an event. Renters should have their own flood policy to prevent loss of all belongings.  

Get Your Policy Today

Although you do not own the home you are renting, you do own the possessions and property within. Although your renter insurance policy protects these belongings, flood damage is not covered. Protect your family and all of your property today with a flood insurance policy. ACU Insurance Services proudly serves the League City, TX area and has an agent ready to assist you today. 

3 Tips On Deciding what Should Be Included In Your Home Coverage Policy

What kind of home insurance policy do you plan to purchase for your new home?

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to home insurance from ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX or any other agency. Today, insurance providers strive to tailor their policies to individual homeowners, so that their circumstances align with their coverage. Here are some suggestions and questions you should ask yourself on how to decide what should be included in your coverage.

  • How much stuff do you really have?
  • If you have a small to average amount of accumulated belongings, you might opt for standard home coverage that doesn’t include a thorough inventory of your things.
  • If you have many valuables, however, you might prefer a policy that will go beyond a general reimbursement in the case of total loss. In this case, you would have to document anything that you would want to be replaced in case of damage or theft. You would then either be reimbursed for its value, or you would receive a replacement outright.
  • Do You Have a Plan B In Case Of Emergency?
  • If your home is lost in a fire, where would you go?
  • Do you have relatives you can stay with, or would you have to spring for a hotel?
  • If your home becomes uninhabitable, certain insurance policies cover the expenses of food and lodging for the time being. If you have no backup savings plan and no one who can guarantee to lend you a hand if you lose your home, this type of coverage could be a life-saver for you.
  • Can your home withstand floods and hurricanes?
  • Did you know that coverage for such natural disasters as floods and hurricanes are not available as part of standard home insurance policies?

In the state of Texas, if you buy your home through a mortgage, you must purchase additional hurricane insurance. If you live on a flood plain, the state’s law requires you to purchase flood insurance as well. Depending on your insurance provider, those additional policies can be tacked onto your standard home policy in some cases.

Do You Have The Right Kind Of Coverage?

If you need to purchase a policy for your home in League City, TX, contact your local friendly ACU Insurance Services agent to request a quote. He or she will be happy to answer any questions you may have or guide you through the policy purchasing process.

I Live In A Low-Risk Flood Zone. Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?

A flood zone is an area of land identified and described by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regarding its risk of flooding for insurance purposes and floodplain management. League City, TX residents all live in an area with some risk of flooding—it’s just a matter of whether you are living in a low, moderate, or high-risk area.    

I Reside In A Low-Risk Flood Zone. Why Do I Still Need Flood Insurance?

While flood insurance coverage isn’t federally mandated for everyone, anyone can be at financial risk for flooding. In fact, over one-fifth of all the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood insurance claims originate from policyholders living outside of mapped high-risk flood zones, and have received 33 percent of federal disaster assistance for flooding. A Preferred Risk Policy from ACU Insurance Services will provide insurance coverage for your building and contents if you are located in a moderate- to a low-risk area.

My Community Has Never Flooded, So Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?   

Flooding doesn’t just occur in high-risk areas. It also can occur in moderate- to low-risk areas as well. Buildings on a hill can be damaged by mudslides, and properties with poor drainage systems, broken mains, and a rapid accumulation of rain or snowmelt can all experience flooding. If you live in a high-risk zone, there is a one-in-four chance you’ll experience flooding during a 30-year mortgage, so a flood insurance policy is required by law for any building located in a high-risk flood area before securing a mortgage loan from a federally insured or regulated lender.

My Lender Is Demanding Flood Insurance, But I Don’t Live In A High-Risk Area  

If your League City, TX property is located in a moderate- to a low-risk area rather than a high-risk area, federal law doesn’t require you to carry flood insurance, but your lender may still require it. If the flood maps are revised and you now are located in a high-risk zone during the life of your loan, your lender will notify you that you must purchase a flood insurance policy. Talk to your ACU Insurance Services agent today for information about how flood insurance can protect your home and property.

Is windstorm insurance mandatory in Texas?

Living a risk-free life is invaluable and precious in the state of Texas. Unlike other states with uniform laws and regulations, Texas favors a market-led insurance coverage system with varying degrees of regulations in some counties. Penalties do apply to home and business owners who fail to ensure appropriate certification before or during the construction or renovation of projects with a later attempt to sign up for windstorm insurance. As a concerned homeowner, you don’t want to forget such insurance liability in the nick of time. 

Residents are encouraged to take the coverage with carriers who hold an impressive track record, especially if they live in designated catastrophic zones. ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX is one such professional insurer. However, it is not a state requirement to sign up for the policy. But if you live in a high-risk county, your mortgage lender might request a purchase of the policy before any contractual undertaking.  

What does it cover?

Windstorm insurance covers any direct damage to your home, personal or business property caused by weather effects like hail and wind. If you don’t live in your home for a specific period before the damage, you might lose the coverage. This is usually known as additional living expense coverage. It is essential your house meets specific windstorm certification requirements when building, remodeling, adding-on, re-roofing, or repairing your structure to avoid rejection by insurers.

Before buying your home and entering into any contractual agreement, it is also imperative you check and inspect the property for a windstorm insurance certificate coverage with your insurer or real estate agent. Windstorm insurance in Texas is a sensible contemplation if you live in the coastal region. Though, in some locations, homeowner policies exclude covering storms, wind, hail and other hurricane-related perils. The 14 first-tier coastal counties designated as high wind catastrophe areas include Aransas, Brazoria, Calhoun, Cameron, Kenedy, Chambers, Kleberg, and Matagorda. Others are Refugio, San Patricio, Willacy, Nueces, Jefferson, and Harris, specifically east of Highway 146. 

Do you live in the greater Houston metropolitan area or in Galveston County and need to know house requirements for windstorm coverage? Contact ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX today for advice or additional information. Our agents will guide you on how to you navigate through the often stormy waters and respond to any of your queries for the appropriate Windstorm insurance. 


Why Is a Home Inventory So Important?

Creating a List for your Property

Many people can’t list everything that they own, especially after a disaster that destroys their home. This is why it’s so important to have a home inventory completed because you may have more than you realize

A home inventory for your home in League City, TX, not only helps you determine the value of your possessions so you can make sure that you have enough insurance coverage, but it also helps serve as a list of your personal property in the event that your home is damaged or destroyed. It will also help when the time comes to file an insurance claim. Even if you are renting your home, a home inventory is still important for your renter’s insurance coverage.

When creating your home inventory, add the brand and describe the items, especially on any big items. If you can note a product’s serial number, do so. Keep any receipts with the list to make the claims process easier. Keep receipts with any instruction booklets or warranties that come with the items. Keep the list and any video and photos you have away from your home, so you won’t lose it if your home is damaged. Make sure you update as you purchase any new valuables. It may seem intimidating to do but start somewhere because a partial home inventory list is better than no list at all. Start with big-ticket items and then slowly add smaller items. The more you can add and the more detailed you can be on your list and with your photos, the better.

Once you have your home inventory list, you can decide on how much insurance you need with an agent at ACU Insurance Services. If you have a lot of expensive items, including jewelry, art, furs, or antiques, you will want to ask about additional coverage options.

Contact ACU Insurance Services serving League City, TX, to get a quote on homeowners insurance.