Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Accidents That Occur on the Sidewalk?

Your homeowners’ insurance includes different types of liability. In most cases, the general liability insurance that is included in your policy will cover accidents that occur on your property. The key is knowing what you are responsible for and what you are not. In League City, TX, the agents of ACU Insurance Services can help you sort things out so that you know your responsibilities as a homeowner are and what you need to do to protect your investment.

Personal and Public Property

The property you own normally extends to the street. If you have a sidewalk that runs through your property, you may not own it but the responsibility for keeping it clean and passible is up to you. In most communities, the sidewalks are the property of the town. While they are responsible for repairs and general maintenance, you are expected to make sure they are clean and passible at any given time.

Protect Your Home and Family

If a slip and fall accident occurs on a sidewalk in front of your home, you may be liable if something was left on the sidewalk. If the accident was the result of the sidewalk being damaged or broken, the liability may be transferred to the community. Protecting your family from financial hardship is essential so it is essential that you know and understand what your liability risks are.

At ACU Insurance Services in League City, TX, each agent has the knowledge and experience to help you understand what your liability risks are. Call and talk to a reputable agent and get the advice and answers you need so that you can get the insurance coverage you want to feel fully protected.