Can I benefit from flood insurance as a renter?

Most people think that flood insurance is designed with homeowners in mind only. However, as a renter, you can still acquire flood insurance if you feel you need it, and it’s available in your state or area. As a renter, flood insurance can provide many practical benefits to you. 

What Is Flood Insurance?
Flood insurance is insurance specifically designed to cover damage that results from water or flooding. This insurance covers property loss or damage. However, many flood insurance companies will study topographical maps to determine if a property might be prone to flooding based on their location as well as other factors. Insurers will look for areas in floodplains, lowlands, and floodways, to determine the possibility of flooding and damage in particular areas. 

How Can Renters Benefit from Flood Insurance?
First of all, for renters to obtain renters’ flood insurance, they must live in an area that participates in the national flood insurance program (NFIP).  If the community participates in the program, renters can purchase flood insurance that covers up to $100k for personal items damaged from flooding. They can receive money to replace furniture, electronics, and clothing, in addition to other things.
Is Flood Insurance a Practical Investment for Renters?
Flood insurance can be a practical investment for renters because most renter’s insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. If you live in an area prone to flooding, it’s a good idea to invest in a flood insurance policy. However, it should be noted that most property owners located in high-risk flood areas must carry flood insurance. For renters, it’s just an option, not a requirement. ACU Insurance Services takes pride in educating League City, TX renters on the benefits of flood insurance. Our team of experienced agents is standing by to answer your questions.