Why Is a Home Inventory So Important?

Creating a List for your Property

Many people can’t list everything that they own, especially after a disaster that destroys their home. This is why it’s so important to have a home inventory completed because you may have more than you realize

A home inventory for your home in League City, TX, not only helps you determine the value of your possessions so you can make sure that you have enough insurance coverage, but it also helps serve as a list of your personal property in the event that your home is damaged or destroyed. It will also help when the time comes to file an insurance claim. Even if you are renting your home, a home inventory is still important for your renter’s insurance coverage.

When creating your home inventory, add the brand and describe the items, especially on any big items. If you can note a product’s serial number, do so. Keep any receipts with the list to make the claims process easier. Keep receipts with any instruction booklets or warranties that come with the items. Keep the list and any video and photos you have away from your home, so you won’t lose it if your home is damaged. Make sure you update as you purchase any new valuables. It may seem intimidating to do but start somewhere because a partial home inventory list is better than no list at all. Start with big-ticket items and then slowly add smaller items. The more you can add and the more detailed you can be on your list and with your photos, the better.

Once you have your home inventory list, you can decide on how much insurance you need with an agent at ACU Insurance Services. If you have a lot of expensive items, including jewelry, art, furs, or antiques, you will want to ask about additional coverage options.

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