What to do if Your Home is Damaged in a Flood

Flooding is a disaster no one wants to experience in League City, TX. And it can come out of nowhere. Water is unpredictable, taking the path of least resistance, and it’s possible your home could one day be in that path. If you were to suffer a flood, chances are your home and its contents would be damaged. Don’t panic, however, just get everyone to safety, and then you can start the process of cleaning up. Here’s what to do.

1. File a Flood Claim

The very first thing you’ll want to do is submit a claim with your insurance agency. They typically get this done quickly so you can move onto the next step. It’s important you do this first so you have the funds to recover from the damage. 

2. Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

After submitting your claim and knowing your deductible, you’ll be able to start taking quotes from reputable water damage restoration companies. These professionals will empty your home of water and get to work repairing any water damage. It’s a good idea to start emptying your house out of those things that were destroyed and can not be replaced, but which your insurance may cover.

3. Replace Ruined Items

For those items that were destroyed in a flood and which your insurance does cover, it’s now time to go shopping to replace them. Chances are a flood would ruin couches, electronics, art, and more.

To learn more about securing a flood insurance policy in League City, TX, contact ACU Insurance Services, serving this area. Our reputable agents are standing by ready to take your call and answer all your questions.